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Rep. Friske introduces plan to protect Michigan farmland from foreign adversaries
RELEASE|March 6, 2023
Contact: Neil Friske

Rep. Neil Friske is taking a stand to prevent foreign governments from purchasing Michigan farmland.

“Across the U.S., one of the most controversial and talked about issues right now is China, and their role within our country,” said Friske, of Charlevoix. “From spying to resource harvesting, Americans are concerned to what extent the Chinese Communist Party holds over their daily lives. Among these are the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to occupy American farmland.”

Due to these concerns, many of which came from constituents within his district, Friske introduced House Bill 4134 to prevent foreign governments from purchasing farmland in Michigan. To ensure all loopholes are closed, foreign government-affiliated enterprises and proxies would also be prevented from making any purchases.

“Our country is constantly under siege by the Chinese Communists,” Friske said. “Adversaries who routinely work against our nation and its inherent values shouldn’t be able to occupy the same soil where our food grows.”

Rep. Friske, with immense experience in both farming and property management, understands the importance of keeping American farmland restricted. The very food Michigan families survive on could be cut off in the blink of an eye if enemies abroad continue their stranglehold on U.S. agriculture, according to Friske.

“HB 4134 is critical for American national security in the State of Michigan,” Friske concluded.

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